SAP, The solar Powered Accommodation Specialists

sap solar pic 2SAP Solar was established in 2008 in response to the rising demand for self contained accommodation in remote areas to service the mining industry.

Our ongoing research and development combined with the huge advancements in solar technology in recent years have enabled SAP Solar to provide state-of-the-art self contained stand-alone solar powered accommodation to mining and exploration companies in Australia, Africa and Asia.

We also provide Stand Alone Power and accommodation solutions for humanitarian purposes throughout the world.

With the recent downturn in the mining and exploration sectors we have found it necessary to expand our market to the urban residential sector. To that end we have undertaken to launch a crowdfunded residential development in our home city of Sydney Australia.

In a world first SAP Solar is going to build a futuristic energy efficient apartment complex featuring the most advanced building materials in the world and a zero reliance on mains power and all at a sale price less than a comparable “conventional” apartment in the same area.

Site plans and floor plans will soon be available on this site but for the moment we are keeping them “confidential” to ensure that we get a head start on the inevitable “copy-cats”.