Tesla Powerwall Using The Tesla Battery

Whilst this and every other website which promotes Solar Power makes solar technology sound simple, the truth is that it’s not. In fact the efficient delivery of Solar Power from the Sun to the powerpoints in your home or business is a complicated process which uses cutting edge technology designed by some of the best and dare we say it, brightest scientists and engineers in the world.

So how does solar power work?

1. Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels are installed on the roof where they will receive the maximum amount of sunlight. Some solar panels are better than others so careful selection must be made here.
2. The solar panels are connected to a complex piece of machinery called an inverter. The inverter converts solar DC power into usable AC power and is perhaps the most complex and important component in the whole solar power equation. In our opinion SMA Inverters represent the very best inverter technology in the world. With a global presence and an unrivalled customer service policy SAP Solar use SMA solar power inverters almost exclusively.
3. The solar power inverter continually charges the Tesla Powerwall batteries while the sun is shining. Power which is used during the day is drawn from the Tesla Battery and is immediately topped up. Once the sun sets the house draws all its power from the batteries.
4. There are of course heavy overcast and rainy days when there may not be enough sunlight to keep the Tesla batteries at full charge. When this happens the inverter will engage mains power from the grid to top up the batteries without interrupting the constant flow of electricity to the residence.

SAP Solar have many years of experience in providing stand alone power accommodation solutions in some of the world’s harshest and most remote areas. Our knowledge base and expertise extends across the solar power and construction industries. Although this new chapter in our business is not something we have done before the many projects we have successfully completed in our history have provided the grounding for us to succeed at urban development and deliver the buildings of the future today.

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